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More Than Just Floors:
Our Family’s Commitment to Craftsmanship and Care

Welcome to Heffernan Hardwood, the trusted name in hardwood floor refinishing for over three decades. 

It all began with a father’s expertise and two sons’ dedication to continuing a legacy of excellence. As a tight-knit team, we take pride in our craft, ensuring that from the first phone call to the final touch, you’re working with the same trusted professionals. We don’t just refinish hardwood floors—we enhance homes with a meticulous process that has been perfected over decades.

 We take pride in our work, never outsourcing to subcontractors, because we believe in the personal touch—our hands are the only ones that will craft your floors.

Our commitment to excellence in hardwood floor refinishing means you can expect a seamless experience and results that will make you proud every time you step into your home. 

If you’re ready to enhance the beauty and value of your home with expertly refinished hardwood floors, reach out to Heffernan Hardwood for a free consultation. 

Meet the Team!

The Family Trio That Brings Your Hardwood Floors to Life: Start to Finish

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