Frequently Asked Questions

We get these questions a lot. Here are our best answers...

How long does a typical hardwood floor refinishing project take?

In Orlando, average sized homes have wood floors ranging from 800 to 1000 square feet and If your floors are in decent shape, we can sand and refinish them in about 3-4 days. If you want to stain the floor a different color that will take us an extra day or two with extra sanding and dry time. For bigger homes or more complex floor plans, we might need a bit more time. If you need some additional work, like refinishing stairs or fixing damaged areas, we’ll need a bit more time to complete the project

Can we stay in our home during the refinishing?

Yes, it can be possible with a few restrictions. While the finishes are being applied and are drying, you won’t be able to access those areas for at least 4 hours. However, we prefer to keep everyone off the floor for 24 hours with finish coats. This ensures a great finished result without any contaminants. If you are having your entire house refinished, or main entryways and hallways, then it might be preferable to stay somewhere else during the project.

Can you help with moving furniture when refinishing the hardwood floors?

If you’ve got just a few small items, we’re on board to lend a hand when we start the job. But you’ll need to arrange some help for moving back in. For the bigger stuff, we’ve got to say no – we’re not insured as professional movers, so we can’t risk damage to your furniture or injuries to our team

My floor has deep scratches can they be sanded out?

Rest assured, if your hardwood floor has encountered deep scratches, we have a strategic approach to address this. Our sanding process is meticulously designed to conserve the floor’s top layer, ensuring the possibility of future sanding if required.
For significant scratches or indentations, it may be necessary to replace the affected wood sections. This targeted repair method is preferable, as it maintains the integrity of your floor’s overall structure and extends its lifespan. .

Can I change the sheen or color of my floor during the hardwood floor refinishing process?

Absolutely, the customization of your hardwood floors is entirely within your control. You have the freedom to select any sheen level, ranging from an ultra-matte finish to a high-gloss sheen, to complement the aesthetic of your home. Additionally, you have the option to choose any stain color that suits your personal taste and homes decor. Our goal is to tailor the refinishing process to meet your specific preferences, ensuring that the final result aligns with your vision for your home.

How soon can we walk on the floors after the hardwood floor refinishing?

After we refinish your hardwood floors, you’ll need to give the finish some time to harden before you walk on it. You can walk on your floors in your socks after about 3 to 4 hours. But hold off on moving furniture back in for 24 hours, and remember to lift it, not drag it. Wait a full week before laying down any area rugs. This gives the finish enough time to cure completely, so your floors stay looking nice and new.

What should I do to prepare for the refinishing process?

Before we begin, you’ll need to remove all furniture, decorations, and personal items from the area. We also recommend securing pets and making arrangements for easy access to the work area.

Do you work on weekends?

Refinishing hardwood floors takes a lot of effort and hard work throughout the week. We put in our best to ensure your floors look amazing. When the weekend comes, it’s time for us to recharge and enjoy family time.
We understand that schedules can be tight, and in special cases where only a final top coat is needed, we might be able to work on a Saturday.
However, this isn’t something we can guarantee as family time is precious to us. We appreciate your understanding